Toddler and Preschool

We offer a variety of storytelling programs for toddlers and preschoolers.   All of our performances for young audiences include music, audience participation and movement activities, puppets, and visual aids.   Presentations are approximately 30 minutes long, just right for shorter attention spans, and although the stories are delivered with enthusiasm, the performances are relatively low-keyed so as not to overwhelm younger children.

We have a large repertoire of stories and can develop specific programs for holidays, seasons, and many other themes.

Information for libraries about our programs for the 2014 Summer Reading Program will be coming soon!

Toddler Tales and Preschool Story Party: These fun shows feature developmentally appropriate folk and fairy tales.

Pajamboree:  We’ll be meeting at the library for bedtime stories!  Kids can wear pajamas and bring their families and favorite bedtime toy or blanket.  There will be a lot of stories with songs, puppets, and audience participation activities told by StoriesGalorious, a mother–daughter duo.     And parents, the program starts out lively and ends on a happy but quieter note, just to make it a bit easier for the young ones to settle down once bedtime actually begins.

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