Program Possibilities

Program Topics

StoriesGalorious presentations feature many forms of folktales and some modern stories, all selected with the characteristics and interests of the audience in mind. Programs are created to fit nearly any theme—seasons, holidays, friendship, work, and other subjects relevant to a group.

StoriesGalorious also has many presentations for schools and adult organizations. These can be adapted for corresponding special needs settings.

Whether the purpose is to celebrate a holiday, provide entertainment fora special occasion, or support learning and development, StoriesGalorious has a program for your group.

Settings for Stories

StoriesGalorious has programs for preschool though senior adults and presents at a variety of venues. Possible sites for special needs audiences include:

  • Pre-school programs
  • Schools and school-age programs
  • Recreational centers
  • Special education settings
  • Day habilitation programs
  • Residential facilities
  • Respite centers

StoriesGalorious will work with organizations that wish to sponsor a storytelling event as a fundraiser.

Program Possibilities

School Age

Folk and Fairy Tales: A variety of modern and traditional stories with songs, audience participation, and movement activities are featured in this program.

Teens and Adults

Travel the World with Stories:   Visit each of the continents and explore different cultures via folktales from around the world

Stories for Young Adults and Adults:
Tales with themes of importance to teens and adults such as life, humor, romance, and the supernatural (optional) are presented.

All Ages

Holidays: Celebrate holidays in any setting and with any age group with a StoriesGalorious holiday program.  The tellers have stories for all ages for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas. 

Tailored Programs: The tellers of StoriesGalorious can create a program to fit nearly any theme such as Multicultural/Diversity, Environmental, and Character Education/Anti-Bullying.

How to Tell Stories

 So You Want to Tell Stories: Listening to a storyteller can stir an interest in learning to tell stories.  This introduction to storytelling covers selecting story, learning, and telling a story.  The performers use storytelling to demonstrate basic techniques and provide participants with opportunities to practice selected skills during storytelling activities.

Storytelling for Teachers and Caregivers

StoriesGalorious offers a two-session workshop focuses on basic techniques in storytelling.  Storytelling activities for children and adults will be covered.  Each session lasts about 45 minutes with additional time for audience comments and questions.

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