Audience Feedback

Feedback from adult audiences
“When are you coming back?”
“I had no idea that storytelling could be so interesting.”
“This was a great performance!”
“I thought storytelling was for children, but it’s not.  It’s for everybody.”
“I can tell that you both love what you’re doing.  You’re so enthusiastic!”
“That was fantastic!”
“I could have listened to your stories all day long.”
Feedback from children…

We love the stories you tell us.  When are you coming to tell another story?
-Robbie, 2nd grade

You were wonderful at storytelling!  I wonder if I could be that good.
-Jessica, 4th grade

You are a very good storyteller!
-Heather, 5th grade

Thanks for taking the time to share your stories.  I really liked the ghost stories.
-Shane, 5th grade

Thank you for coming in and telling us all those funny stories.  Will you come back next year and tell us some stories because I like thinking about what the characters are doing.  I am glad that I met you yesterday.
-Stephanie, 4th grade student

Feedback from educators…

Thank you for sharing your time and skills of storytelling…we loved it! -5th grade teacher

The presentation was “right on the money” for librarians who are interested in including storytelling in the curriculum in their school buildings……..I am seriously considering a workshop for next fall for classroom teachers who are beginning the process of storytelling with their students.
-School Library System Director

Many thanks for coming in to do some storytelling during Parent Survey Night.  The children greatly enjoyed your stories–they seemed to be spellbound.  What a wonderful gift you have!
-Effective Schools Team