Middle and High School

Not Just for Kids: Storytelling for Middle and High School

Although some may be initially skeptical about the relevance of listening to stories, young adults can be highly receptive to storytelling when presented with tales and programs appropriate to their interests. The presentations of StoriesGalorious show a respect of the ability of teens to explore character motivation, appreciate plot twists, respond to figurative language, and enjoy longer stories and more complex plots.

Programs for Young Adult Audiences

The presentations of StoriesGalorious are approximately 40-50 minutes in duration with additional time at the end for comments and questions.  Rebecca and Rachel adjust for student age and interest when planning and delivering programs.

For middle schools, the tellers can present at a school-wide assembly or by teams or houses at no extra cost. High school programs are typically delivered to classrooms or groups of classrooms. StoriesGalorious can provide a series of workshops on learning to tell stories as part of a unit or an after-school activity.

Program Topics and Themes

Rachel and Rebecca offer both literary and traditional storytelling to young adult audiences. Literary storytelling, one of the most demanding and enthralling forms of storytelling, requires a high degree of faithfulness to the written story. Traditional storytelling draws from sources such as folklore, tall tales, legends, historical accounts, and the tellers’ own stories. These are used to create ready-made programs or made-to-order presentations for schools.

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More Information

Literary Topics: Short Stories

Program Themes for Traditional Storytelling

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