Summer Reading 2017


Adults and Teens

Days and Knights of King Arthur:  Adults and teens will enjoy rousing tales of adventure and chivalry from medieval times that describe the ways in which Arthurian knights upheld their code of honor, valor, and duty to build a better world as they knew it. The stories bring to life a time long past complete with its own social commentary and stating of questions that are still being asked today.    The literary storytelling of Rachel and Rebecca Oshlag of StoriesGalorious will enchant and entertain.

Build Better World-Stories of Repair: These stories from world folklore and history about the many ways people strive to improve the world will move, inspire, and entertain.   Rachel and Rebecca of StoriesGalorious select stories especially for adult audiences. Teens will appreciate the stories as well.

Travel the World with Stories:   Understanding and appreciating others can be a first step to building a better world.  Stories from each continent highlight differences in cultures and circumstances while drawing attention to the commonality of the human experience.  This collection features some of Rachel and Rebeca’s best loved stories for adult and teen audiences.


It’s Your World, Help Make it Better! This collection of stories about good deeds, good intentions, and the occasional unexpected consequence will elicit both laughter and thought from children.   Rachel and Rebecca, the engaging storytellers of StoriesGalorious, draw from folklore, modern stories, and their imaginations to provide a dynamic and inspiring performance that stresses the many joys of reading.

Stories: Bridges to Understanding:  In this celebration of diversity the tellers of StoriesGalorious draw from American folklore and history to deliver a set of tales that highlights the contributions of varied groups to the richness of our culture and to building a better world.   Rachel and Rebecca’s many years of experience working with children and other audiences shine through their energetic performances.    The StoriesGalorious tellers encourage their young audiences to go forth and read.

A World of Stories:   Folktales from each continent are featured in this lively array.  Rachel and Rebecca of StoriesGalorious select stories to emphasize the shared humanity and varied cultures of the peoples of the earth.   An appreciation of others is part of building a better world.  The tellers enchant, explain, and entertain, and they encourage their listeners to read and tell stories.

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