Adult Programs

An Evening at 221B Baker Street

An Evening at 221B Baker Street features the telling of “The Adventure of the Speckled Band,” by Rachel and Rebecca Oshlag of StoriesGalorious. Like elocutionists of earlier times, these storytellers adhere closely to the written word in their recitation and interpretation of literary works. Their performance enlivens the tale of a damsel in distress, cunning villain, stalwart companion, and hero of reason and action. Audience members unfamiliar with the plot will be engrossed by the story while admirers of Sherlock stories will be enthralled by the telling of one Holmes’ most rousing adventures. Rachel and Rebecca provide an introduction to the story, and they entertain questions and comments afterwards.

Created for the 2015 NYS Summer Reading Program, Every Hero Has a Story and year-round.

Midsummer Knights Tales: Stories of Heroes from the Middle Ages

Adults will enjoy the accounts of heroes from King Arthur’s realm and other legendary kingdoms in the British Isles. Rebecca and Rachel employ their trademark dynamic style in both literary and traditional storytelling to bring modern translations of the Middle English works to their audiences. Story themes are universal and continue to be relevant now as they were well then. For example, the question, “What do women want?” was asked and successfully answered over 700 years ago. The knightly stories of heroic, and sometimes not so heroic, behavior continue to entertain and inspire, and modern adult audiences will appreciate them as much as did listeners during times long past. The tellers also provide an intriguing commentary on the historical context of the tales. Program length is 45-50 minutes with additional time for comments and questions. This program was developed for the 2015 Summer Reading Program but can be presented any time of the year. An adapted version for teen audiences is available as is a version to accommodate both teen and adult audiences.

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