Storytelling for Independent Living and Other Groups

Storytelling has been part of holiday and other celebrations since early times and adds meaning and pleasure to any event.   Rachel and Rebecca offer programs for adult audiences that focus on holidays and seasonal events.  They also tell Sherlock Holmes adventures and Arthurian legends.  Stories are presented within a framework of interesting information so that their audiences have the opportunity to learn as well as to enjoy.  Their venues include libraries, community groups, religious organizations, senior centers, and senior residences and communities.  The tellers tailor program to the interests and preferences of their audiences.

StoriesGalorious has designed a set of storytelling events specifically for Independent Living communities and other audiences who demand programs that are both intellectually stimulating and entertaining.  The tellers have adapted some of their most popular holiday presentations to increase information and complexity of stories.  They have also included existing programs that have a high level of literary, historical, or cultural content.


Love and Laughter:  Tales of love and romance served with a good helping of humor will warm hearts.  The history of St. Valentine’s Day is examined.

Green Grows the Shamrock:  Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with a captivating array of stories about Ireland and the Irish.  Humor abounds in the collection! An exploration of the cultural significance of the holiday is included.

A Detective for Dad:  As entertainment for a Father’s Day function, select An Evening at 221b Baker Street or Blackmail at Baker Street from Sherlock by StoriesGalorious. Either of these presentations will be enjoyed greatly by dads and everyone else attending the event.   Please book this program by May 1 to ensure availability.

A Haunting Halloween:  Original and classic psychological narratives, including a tale by Edgar Allen Poe, mysteries, and ghost stories, are presented.  The thriller/suspense genre is considered.

An Evening at 221B Baker Street:  The telling of The Adventure of the Speckled Band,” a Gothic tale is ideal for Halloween.   The adventure has it all–a damsel in distress, a murder most foul, a cunning villain, a fearsome menace, a stalwart companion, and a hero of reason and action.  Audiences have cheered this presentation.  The tale as an intersection of Gothic literature and Victorian science is briefly explored.  Please book this program by September 1 to ensure availability.

An Old Fashioned Christmas: Classic stories about Yuletide are presented within the framework of a discussion of Christmas customs.

O’ Happy, O’ Henry ChristmasThe Gift of the Magic serves as the centerpiece for this collection of O’Henry stories that feature Christmas. The life of William Sydney Porter is considered.   Please book by November 1 to ensure availability.

Christmas Stories from the British Isles and Beyond:  Seasonal tales from the literature of the English-speaking world reflect the culture and circumstances of their settings.   This program is very different from An Old Fashioned Christmas, but this new collection will be appreciated by those who have enjoyed the first one.   It will also appeal to audiences who enjoy something interesting and unexpected.  Please book by November 1 to ensure availability.

Holmes for the Holidays: The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, Sherlock’s only Christmas story, is featured.  Follow Holmes and Watson through the streets of Victorian London as they trace the owner of a Christmas goose and solve a mystery.


Each program includes a telling of a Sherlock Holmes short story and a discussion of an aspect of the story.  Please book Sherlock programs two months in advance to ensure availability.

An Evening at 221b Baker Street with The Adventure of the Speckled Band is good any time of the year and especially at Halloween.  Although no ghosts are involved, the tale is very thrilling.   It was a favorite of the author and remains one of the best-loved of many of his readers.  The story as an intersection of Gothic literature and scientific reasoning is briefly explored.

Blackmail at Baker Street presents The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton and is sure to be enjoyed any time of the year.  Sherlock and Watson are at their heroic best as they strive to save the reputation of a beautiful debutante while dealing with the “worst man in London” who also is the “king of all the blackmailers.”  The tellers also recount an actual Victorian crime behind the story.

Holmes for the Holidays includes The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, a story that takes place at Christmas.  Holmes’ deductive skills are in full display as he and Watson travel through the streets of London to trace the provenance of a Christmas goose and learn the identity of a thief.   This low-key tale is in keeping with the season and provides a pleasant view of London Christmas in Victorian times.   Sherlock and his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, are discussed.


The Days and Knights of King Arthur: Arthurian romances as translated by scholars of medieval literature into modern prose continue to enchant and entertain.  The origins of the legends are examined.

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