Monthly Adult Programs

Monthly Adult Programs

Storytelling has been part of holiday and other celebrations since early times and adds meaning and pleasure to any event.   Rachel and Rebecca present stories within a framework of interesting information so that their audiences have the opportunity to learn as well as to enjoy.  

StoriesGalorious offers an array of programs for adult audiences. Past venues have included libraries, community groups, religious organizations, senior centers, and senior residences.   The tellers tailor program to the interests and preferences of their audiences.

Love and Laughter:  Tales of love and romance served with a good helping of humor will warm hearts in February.   This audience favorite can be presented any time of the year.

Green Grows the Shamrock:  Mark March with a delightful array of stories about Ireland and the Irish.  Humor abounds in the collection!

A Titter of Tales:  Enjoy laughter, one of life greatest pleasures, during April, National Humor Month, with this lighthearted selection.  Scientific studies have shown that laughter and humor lead to increased contentment, improved morale, and better quality of life.   This is another program appropriate for any time of the year.

Moms and More:  Pay tribute in May to mothers, grandmothers, and other female family members who share the many joys and diverse challenges of nurturing children.  This would be a fine accompaniment to a Mother’s Day tea.

Featuring Fathers:  Salute fathers in June with stories of dads and family life. Tales that recognize the important parts that grandfathers and uncles may play in family life are also included.

A Detective for Dad:  As entertainment for a Father’s Day function, select An Evening at 221b Baker Street or Blackmail at Baker Street.  Either of these presentations will be enjoyed immensely by dads and everyone else attending the event.    Please book this program by May 1 to ensure availability.

Told in the USA: Celebrate the Fourth any time during July with a presentation of American folklore, history, and humor.  The program can work well as an outdoor presentation on a fine summer afternoon or evening.

Travel the World with Stories:   Visit each of the continents and explore different cultures via folktales from around the world in August, a traditional month for touring.

Turning a New Leaf:  Stories of change brighten September’s collection.  Included are stories of hope and redemption, personal transformation, rising to challenges, as well as humor.   This program can be presented any time of the year.

Halloween Hauntings:  Original and classic ghost stories will elicit shivers of the best sort in October.   Comic relief is provided through jokes and humorous tales.

An Evening at 221B Baker Street: The telling of The Adventure of the Speckled Band,” a most exciting Holmes story, is ideal for Halloween.   The adventure has it all–a damsel in distress, a murder most foul, a cunning villain, a fearsome menace, a stalwart companion, and a hero of reason and action.  Audiences have cheered this presentation. Please book this program by September 1 to ensure availability.

Tales for Thanksgiving:   Enliven November with folktales, poems, and jokes about Thanksgiving, gratitude, harvest, and, yes, turkeys.

An Old Fashioned Christmas: Classic stories about Yuletide bring warmth and laughter to December.  This program with its traditional tales has brought joy to many appreciative audiences.

Christmas Stories from the British Isles and Beyond:  Seasonal tales from the literature of the English-speaking world reflect the culture and circumstances of their settings.   This program is very different from An Old Fashioned Christmas, but this new collection will be appreciated by those who have enjoyed the first one.   It will also appeal to audiences who enjoy something very interesting and unexpected.  Please book this program by November 1 to ensure availability.

Holmes for the Holidays: The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, Sherlock’s only Christmas story, is featured.  Follow Holmes and Watson through the streets of Victorian London as they trace the owner of a Christmas goose.

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