StoriesGalorious for Elementary Schools

Their artistry and knowledge of children is perhaps most evident in Rachel and Rebecca’s school programs. The tellers smoothly capture the attention of children, draw them into the stories, and transport them into the world of imagination. Their school performances reflect the tellers’ love of stories, delight in the telling of tales, and appreciation of their young audiences. They present stories singly and in tandem to enchant, explain, and entertain, and they encourage their listeners go out and read and tell their own stories.

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Programs for Elementary Audiences

StoriesGalorious’ presentations are about 40-50 minutes in duration, depending on audience age. Stories for younger grades are simple and include audience participation and music. Stories for older children rely more on the spoken word and are longer and more complex. Rachel and Rebecca provide additional time at the end for comments and questions about stories and storytelling.

Rachel and Rebecca can present a school-wide assembly event or, at no extra cost, two performances, one for primary grades. For a day of storytelling, they offer sessions for classrooms, workshops, and evening concerts to introduce the art and joy of storytelling to families. The tellers also can provide residencies to schools that sponsor storytelling festivals or seek to enrich literacy program through use of student or teacher storytelling.

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