Elementary Program Themes

Rebecca and Rachel have an extensive repertoire of stories and can tailor a performance to fit nearly any theme. They are happy to work with a school to develop a program to fit specific interests or goals. They also have a number of programs popular with schools along with some new offerings.
• Classic Folk and Fairy Tales: stories, many from far away and long ago, that continue to enthrall listeners.
• Seasonal and Holiday Tales: offerings for all four seasons and most every holiday.
• Multicultural/Diversity: tales that show the common humanity and varied cultures of the peoples of the earth.
• Character Education/Citizenship/Anti-Bullying: stories that promote positive attitudes and behaviors and are selected to support a school’s curriculum for positive social growth
• Go Green: tales that highlight the importance of the environment and the need to protect it.
• American Folk and Fairy Tales (new): stories that illustrate the optimism, grit, challenges, diversity, and humor of a young nation.
• Fairy Tales for Modern Children (new): traditional stories reworked to reflect a world in which princesses and heroines can be plucky, resourceful, and competent while princes and heroes can remain bold, dashing, and clever.
• Stories from American/New York History (new): programs to support social studies instruction in 4th and 5th grades with stories selected to enliven history.